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  • How do you manage to sell cheaper than others?
    We buy from farmers and bring it directly to you. No middle man . No premiums. We dont spend on cleaning the Dates. You should always wash our dates before consuming. We dont pay rent which is in the millions . We try to keep our business model simple . We dont have large processing factories. We dont manage a large workforce.
  • Should you wash Dates ?
    Always wash befor consumption. Never wash for storage as it will reduce storage life. Never skip on washing your dates with clean water even the ones that are shining .
  • Others sell Dates that shine and you sell that have dirt all over them?
    The pictures show the actual stuff we sell . We didnt photoshop the pictures. We dont process dates as it reduces shelf life moreover save on cleaning and hence are able to sell cheaper to our customers. Cleaning is done with oil and water which changes the taste of Dates. Cleaning reduces their shelf life. The shiny Dates are sales gimmick and you should never fall for it. Please always and we stress ALWAYS clean your dates with water before consumption.
  • Why do you refer to Affiliate shops?
    Check Quality and talk to a human directly Taste Dates Some customers espically first timers have a lot of questions. There are numerous types of Dates and they have even more grades. It is quiet overwheleming at first to understand. This is why once you know what exactly you want by physically viewing the items. Decision makking is easier for repeat buyers.
  • Will it cost me extra to buy from affiliate shops?
    No . We will provide rates that will be competative of the market. Dont worry you will have the best rates in the market.
  • I want to return the product bought from your affiliate shop.
    No problem. Kindly contact on Whatsapp . Your refund will be processed promptly. 00966-59-059-0414
  • There were lots of spoilt dates in the shipment?
    Kindly note that 5% of the dates can be lower quality. It is not our intention to sell such stuff, however it happens. We dont mix dates. We try our best to sort out the bad pieces of dates from all shipments and discard such dates. However shipping time and temperature also plays a large role in spoiling dates. Dates are preshiable food items. If you are not satisfied kindly request a refund on WhatsApp.
  • I want to buy Dates for keeping safe from m***c.
    There is a hadith that states about consuming 7 ajwa dates in the morning will keep you safe from magic for that day. We sell these specific dates not because there is some special Ajwa for this issue. The problem is normal Ajwas are big in size and to consume 7 of these is a caloric nightmare for a lot of people. So we sell extra small size ajwas . Dont buy these ajwas if you dont have strong teeth and Jaws . These Ajwas are gluey guey type of dates and very hard to chew. Al-Bukhaari (5445) and Muslim (2047) narrated from Sa‘d ibn Abi Waqqaas that the Prophet (blessings and peace of Allah be upon him) said: “Whoever eats seven ‘ajwah dates in the morning, will not be harmed by any poison or witchcraft that day This Hadith is not final as there are numerous Shaykhs that say it can be any date and not specific to Ajwa. Find your own Sharia answers. We dont endorse any specific belief . We only wrote this answer to popular questions asked frequently and distance ourselves from any advice or burden.
  • What are Affiliate Shops
    Shops we supply dates in bulk to. Affiliate shops are for new customers who want to see physical quality of dates. Normally we deliver to your hotel main entrance/lobby and if you dont like the dates simply refuse to accept order or WhatsApp for return request. You are covered by our warranty of no nonsense return when you buy from our affiliate shops.
  • I will be leaving in 2 weeks when should I place an order. I dont want to carry around dates.
    You should order as soon as you are in Medina.Also kindly state your departure plans.We will pack and store your order . If you plan on leaving from Jeddah then we will pack differently for you to be able to easily carry to Jeddah Dont worry we understand the stress travels are having to bear and we will accomodate you.
  • I want to buy from overseas. I am based in Brazil
    Kindly note some countries have very impractical customs policies. Brazil , Pakistan and a few other have come to our notice. Kindly note if you order from such countries and refuse to pay for customs and the order gets returned back to us. We will not refund the shipping fee. The rest will be refunded promptly. Most of the world doenst have this problem. We will inform you to the best of our ability if your country has such issues with shipping and customs.
  • Your Affiliate shops are too far away
    The affiliate shops are 2. On salam road and behind Haram near Hilton hotel. We will deliver to your hotel directly if you are tired of walking around. We understsand the stress and tiredness. You dont need to worry about the quality or the price
  • I cant order Online
    We will send you a cupon code to put before completing your order. This way you get our promised best price in the market. This is because prices displayed online are ment for general assumption. We dont display actual prices online as they are much lower and we dont want copy cat sellers to beat us by 1 SAR.
  • How do you claim you are cheaper and better Quality supplier
    Every seller in Medina knows most Umrah and Hajj visitors are here once in a lifetime The buyers are first time buyers of Dates and other stuff. They dont know and might never know difference between good and bad product. The customer will never be able to complain as he/she is not coming back This way shopkeepers can charge you a huge premium which obviousely goes in to their pockets and the rent of their shops . They have the last laugh We sell what we advertise. Our rates are cheaper then market because we dont maintain shops. Our business model gives you the option to return our package. Immediate refund if in cash or through appoporiate channels if online. We source from farmers. Actual farmers and Wholesellers if we cant find the required quality stock. We dont cheat or lie. Hence we have BARKA in our business. Alhamdulilliah
  • What are common frauds in dates Part 1
    Your group leader takes you directly to a farm to buy the freshest and cheapest dates. Pillligrams love to go to Farms. The fact here is the Farm's are actually shops locates outside farms. The farm produce is hardly enough to last 2 buses and they usually should have only 1 or 2 types of different dates. Apparently you will find tinned olive oil and packaged figs growing at the farmers shop. The catch here is the bus driver gets Sar 200 / bus load of visitors . The tour operator also gets an additional Sar 200. It doesnt matter if the visitors buy or just leave without buying. The shop has to pay Sar 400/bus . The shop eventually recovers that amount from your pockets. You will also see the bus operator telling you to buy from this farm a certain kind and then later they will visit another farm. This means the operator plans on defrauding 2 Farm shops to pocket double his comission/cut.
  • What are common frauds in Dates Part 2
    All sellers know you will be in Medina once in your lifetime. At least it is true for millions of Hajji. Sellers usually place nicer looking and larger size dates on the top and upon reaching your destinatation the Hujjah find rotten and spoilt dates under the top layer The hajji cant come back or find the seller easily. You have to bear with your loss
  • What are common frauds in Dates part 3
    Not giving the option to return for a refund A lot of sellers are uneducated and they have to sell a certain amount to keep up with sales targets . Their shop rents are in Millions of Riyals. Expecting these shops to look after your intrests is simplicity on your end. Mixing dates. Large and good dates on top and bottom and filthy stuff between them. Selling lower grade and saying its a higher grade.
  • What are common frauds in Dates part 4
    Selling Ajwa medina Ofcourse the dates are now in medina even if they were bought from Qassim or even Egypt,Hence techenically they are Medina dates now. You will hear sellers shouting at the top of their lungs " AJWA MEDINA". You shouldnt believe a cent of that .Even we as sellers find it hard to differentiate actual Medina dates from outside dates. So we buy from farmers within Medina. Or employ reputable staff who can differentiate actual Medina Dates from imposters.
  • I want to have my order packed in Gift Box .
    You can have your order gift packed. The plastic boxes we have range from 250grams up to 1 kilogram. There is no extra fee for the box when avaliable. The boxes are usually avaliable, or are made avaliable the next working day. Most plastic boxes weigh 200 g when empty . Sometimes even more. You might want to consider the extra weight if you plan on taking them outside Saudi Arabia.
  • How do I order 22kg of Dates and 1Kg Almonds for the UK using international shipping.
    Saudi Post ships in multiples of 10kg . It is advisable to order 18 kg of dates and 1 kg of almonds. The shipping box weighs 1Kg. Total 20kg. If you order 22 Kg you will be charged for 30Kg shipping rate. If you need help kindly WhatsApp us and we will be happy to assist you.
  • Different Types Of Ajwa
    ajwa c grade is smallest in size. it can be sourced form anywhere in saudi araiba. ajwa b grade is medium size and is usually sourced from saudi arabia ajwa a grade non medina means it is sourced from Qassim or outer Borders of medinah province ajwa a grade outskirts means it is sourced form areas on the border of medinah city. usually near medinah airport or similar far flung areas ajwa a grade is usually sourced form within medinah city. around aliat area or uhud Ajwa premium is usually but not necess sourced form near medinah center. usually aliat, quba ,ohud and other areas within the haram boundry of medinah.
  • Shipping liquids
    We cant ship liquids .Literally any kind of liquids. Zam Zam Water to Olive Oil . If it is liquid we dont ship .
  • Difference between Ajwa Premium and Ajwa A grade
    Ajwa premium is one of the best ajwa in the market. It is sold for more than sar 200/kg in the market by other sellers. It is sourced from medinah city. It is very to visually see and feels good to eat. Ajwa A Grade is a grade below the premium one . It is sometimes a bit smaller in size and slightly differ in taste and texture.
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